On classifying the human mind

  • There are traits of human thinking, behaviourially minor, that I call mentalities.
  • There are a set of thoughts governed by time that are inescapably ingrained in your mind. Like the desire to study, the desire to seek out socially enriching surroundings etc. These thoughts are hard to overrule.

(More on this later. The difficulty in overruling these behaviours, mostly, comes from the inevitable knowledge of our relatively short lifespans. I believe this can be easily mitigated, if so desired, by elongating the human lifetime.


On compartmentalization of thought

I want to be a person who can organize his thoughts properly and act upon them much like compartments in a filing cabinet. A situation arises, you open a compartment, deal with it and close it.

Although, this also brings up the matter of being too unemotional, which may further lead to being inefficient in some facets of my life, defeating the original purpose of being more productive. I admire people like Napoleon, who is thought to have been able to work on several different things at the same time. Whether he was efficient at all these tasks, I do not know. But I still admire the ability. That, I think is the product of being able to compartmentalize thoughts into neat little subjects. Think of it as a modern multitasking computer with the only task being filing topics….constantly..