social media today is a snake oil factory


Social media today is like a ready-made mass production factory  for snake oil.

It’s a pile of crap, however you look at it. There’s people promoting all kinds of stuff. Dig deeper, y’all. You’ve got the internet, there are sources you can check, unheard of, right?

I’ll take the wikipedia any day given this shit-rain we’re getting.



I have questions. I don’t have answers. I have suggestions for an answer, but, more likely, I have suggestions to a path that may lead to answers.

Most probably not.

I should explain this, some day, with my reasoning as to how I got to this conclusion. Suffice it to say that it involved an insane amount of discussion on some subject that I don’t even remember.

Someone who knows s/he knows everything may either know everything or nothing.

love and pragmatism

To continue with what Thomas Sowell said “.. It may be a sign of our times that
everyone talks openly about sex, but we seem to be embarrassed to talk about
love…” , it seems as though life has become too pragmatic in these modern times to have room for something like love – a sad state of affairs if it’s actually the case.