on organizations helping nepal and nepalis

Of the various organizations I know that have been instrumental in helping Nepal and Nepalis recover, the two organizations that really shine in my mind are :
– America Nepal Medical Foundation (http://americanepalmedicalfoundation.com/ and https://life.indiegogo.com/fun…/nepal-earthquake-relief-fund and )
Sahayeta Nepal

They have shown professionalism, openness and more importantly sticking to the very core of the beliefs of their organizational founding and not straying far from it in this time of chaos, emotions and turmoil.

There are many more organizations that come to mind, and I will probably be dinged for not naming them, but I wanted to point out these two specifically, because of the points raised above.

Many thank yous from me and a host of folks. Please keep doing the work you’re doing and inspire other organizations and individuals to do similarly.
I know I’m inspired.

Again, thank you for being Nepali from the core.