kudos docker, kubernetes, mesos, salt, geard … and ovs

This is more about a kudos to Google for “finally” reaching out to the community with their release of kubernetes as a fully “co-operative” open-source code base.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, Google lets something out of the bag once in a while. This one, at least is more than the paper that started the Hadoop map-reduce trend. Here, Google seems to be actually actively involved in the community.

I like containers (linux containers — specifically namespaces + cgroups + selinux) simply for the reason that it provides me an easy abstraction to package and ship my code (ala docker ), but also, it gives me the power of the whole linux kernel + GNU / Unix ecosystem to help me manage mine and other peoples code.. and that includes doing inter-process communication right.

In this case, since nowadays it’s all about cross-device-processes, it’s about doing inter-service communication right. That means getting naming of services right, getting the network routes to services right, getting discovery of services right as well as being able to tune the different levels of what linux and it’s ecosystem provides to make sure i can deliver container based services properly, with the right SLAs etc..

I had my mind set on Mesos as a way to orchestrate linux processes throughout the datacenter. With kubernetes in the mix, it seems to me kubernetes along with cAdvisor give me the right tools to help me either create or choose the right frameworks to actually do real workload management, properly.

we shall see.. it’s an exciting world for people who develop and ship datacenter/cloud  applications.. viva user driven infrastructure..


That OVS blurb in the title- was a teaser.. none of kubernetes, mesos, docker etc can give you a powerful network link abstraction.. the most open way is OVS… stay tuned. Similarly, my requirements are not just to run application type services using this container paradigm, I actually want to / have to build other services (what were typically referred to as backend services – database, analytics etc) using the same framework. Here, google,redhat,ibm,microsoft etc..  probably want you to use their kubernetes optimized cloud for apps and provide the additional services like streaming data-analysis, transactional data services, identity services etc.. What interests me here is — turtles all the way down, i want to be able to build those “additional” value-add services using the same paradigm, so that it’s actually a competitive marketplace. I’m not discounting Amazon AWS out on this.. they’re probably racing to counter this recent movement. I don’t consider AWS to be truly cutting edge in any technology, they just make it accessible, cheap and user friendly – in any market. I’m not necessarily sure that’s gonna cut it. A script-kiddie in a chai-cafe in Rio or Mumbai’s slums could be writing the next cutting edge software .. and I don’t believe Amazon AWS ( or any of the afore mentioned companies ) can compete with that .. but that’s where we’re heading, aren’t we ?


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