This is in response to the ridiculous claim about cisco router hijacking

This is in response to ESR’s post about the topic…

verbatim response on his blog comments section

I think you guys are way off base on this one..

Several reasons.. all my personal opinions but here it goes..
1) The control you talk about, Cisco wanting to control “your router”, is about trying to give consumers a more centralized way to control “your router” in a more intuitive way, hopefully that’s guided by consumer vision (and the backlash that’s evident here) rather than a pan-galactic paranoia about corporate hegemony… which you can always decide not to use. Gasp, it’s NOT mandatory.. your choice… hmm .opt out, opt in blah blah..
2) I have a cisco router, and i don’t see my router being hijacked. haven’t seen it before, I haven’t seen it now, i doubt i’ll see it later. This is my home router/switch, and i want to keep it that way.
3) If you’re buying new routers from cisco AND if you watch the fine print on the product, you’d undoubtably not buy one if it said anything about you losing control. If it does say it, and if you still buy it, that’s your fault.
4) If it doesn’t say it, but you sign up for centralized or cloud based control of your router, without reading the fine print on your “cloud signup”, then you’re at fault, not the manufacturer(s).
5) You still have control. Turn it OFF and return IT.
6) Cisco’s consumer business, if you’ve heard their quarterly earnings statements, especially the division that makes consumer routers and switches (ala the linksys router that is being talked about here), is hardly the policy maker of the company, with less than 1 % of the revenue. Get real. There’s no conspiracies here. Move on. Get something else to bite on. This fox-news chasing paradigm is getting old.

More here..

Here’s a case of “I don’t have the big picture (re: the facts) on all of what’s going on, but everyone’s talking about it. And hence I will also talk about it, whether it’s the small and insignificant linksys router that can only be catered to home consumers or that it’s actually owned by big bad Cisco, or that it occurs on the same day that the discovery of experimental proof around the existence of the Higgs Boson was made, or that there are thousands of deaths reported today on different news channels about different places…

Is this what we’ve come down to?

holy crap! really!!!

I use, contribute to open source. But get off your high horse.