eye of eyes 3

Got Open CV from ubuntu along with the python bindings.
Turns out the one available on ubuntu karmic is opencv 1.x.
OpenCV 2.x is out so, want to make sure I take advantage of any improvements in the library. (see previous post

Following a bunch of sources, (including an easier python binding framework), I finally settled upon compiling opencv and using the new python bindings on ubuntu 64. Too bad I couldn’t use the pyopencv bindings.. looked cool but no x64 support yet.

After mucking around, I got it to capture frames from a webcam and detect my face and my eyes and track it. I’m using the default haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml and haarcascade_eye.xml cascade files that come with opencv.

Here’s the sample image

In a nutshell, face detection, eye detection (any object detection) using opencv works pretty well as long as you have a properly defined haarcascades file for it.

Next up, rewriting the script to a runnable script for extracting and saving eyes from images.

Getting there… 🙂


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