eye of eyes 2

After 2, 3 years, I still don’t have enough eye photographs. This would require thousands (see previous post).

One good idea would be to extract eyes from existing photographs of people that I already have. That would mean detecting, cutting, pasting and saving eye images from thousands of pics.

Sounds like a programming job. You’d think!

Turns out there aren’t any free libraries out there.. and coming up with a pattern matching algorithm on your own is not trivial..

Enter OpenCV, an open source computer vision package started by Intel. Besides giving you lots of image manipulation stuff, it gives you object detection using HaarCascades, based on a paper by Viola and Jones, “Rapid object detection using boosted cascade of simple features”, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

The detect object feature basically uses trained classifiers based on known object images to detect similar objects in a given image. The classifiers are stored in xml files that the library can load up. The opencv framework even gives you tools to create and train your own classifiers AND a set of sample cascade files. There are other cascade files available on the net.



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