why i read jwz

I love this guy…

Dear Diary, tonight I saw a shirtless man run down the middle of the street. Being chased by another shirtless man. Whose pants were falling down. Because he had just taken off his belt. Which he then began using to beat the first man.

Good times.



beauty is skin deep

This confirms my suspicion that we’re all very shallow. As in skin deep.
Here’s an analysis/attempt to algorithmize how we perceive physical beauty in our fellow human beings.

It’s based on a statistical analysis of what humans perceive to be beautiful.

When human raters are presented with a collection of shapes and asked to rank them according to their aesthetic appeal, the results often indicate that there is a statistical consensus among the raters. Yet it might be difficult to define a succinct set of rules that capture the aesthetic preferences of the raters. In this work, we explore a data-driven approach to aesthetic enhancement of such shapes. Specifically, we focus on the challenging problem of enhancing the aesthetic appeal (or the attractiveness) of human faces in frontal photographs (portraits), while maintaining close similarity with the original.