mathematics as a basis for music

or .. mathematics as a basis for art (part 2)
I’m a little late to the party.

I was researching natural number sequences to create number generators when I came across the OEIS (online encyclopedia of integer sequences). It has a whole bunch of sequences, and I had only created a few (fibonacci, padovan, perrin, lucas and feigenbaum). Not only that, it lets you listen to the sequences by deriving pitch and duration from the sequences via midi files.
It uses another site to generate the midi files, the Musical Algorithms site.

Man, that site is loaded. Besides number sequences, the site lets you input all kinds of algorithms and sequences including DNA sequences (ATGC), constants, powers etc.. and listen to them by tweaking pitch and duration (derived by scaling or mapping).

Oh well..
So, I’m gonna have to take a slightly different tack, probably filtering sequences based on criteria (such as some described in the book “This is your brain on music“), transforming them (like adding syncopations) and combining them..

Stay tuned…


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