Poetry is fluid
It can distort your mind
and play with your soul with one simple statement like
you’re never a woman and neither a man, nor your pet dog.

Poetry is a soccer field
where the thrusts, blocks and passes are the same as
an attempt at getting the goal
of one getting their word past a thick fog of judgement.

Poetry is a killer
It can wring you dry and fling you
to the edges of the ocean and have you drinking
your own faculty juices before you know it.

Poetry is ambiguous
to those who hide meaning
or their means to an end
or those who are unfortunate to have been born
into the house of buddha

Poetry is flight
the base-jumping and the soul thread
the kind that leads surfers to the revered pipe
and the ones who slaughter thousands
to get the millions their want

Poetry is ecstacy
and your salvation
the feeling, the drug, the fragrance that leads you
out of your misgivings
and your miseries and your flights of ego
your beliefs in empathy and the one true god

Poetry is compact
it can throw you a curved ball
with a thousand fold more meaning packed in the curve
than the impact of it hitting your jaw

Poetry is succinct
Every century,yet another generation of literati
will squeeze yet another set of realities
from this very sentence.

Forever more, poetry is the essence
of life, liberty, happiness,
of expansion, contentness, society
continuity, survival, ignorance

I would read and write and rejoice.


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