-lex lapax

if the gods created the oceans
and the rain and the earth
and the skies and the sun
and the mountains and the moon
and the people that walk
and fight and love
and kill and give birth
or live and be lost

where is the purpose in all this
what difference does it make
if i walk a hundred miles
or you fly to the moon and back
or they create a nation
that lasts a thousand seasons
and die out for horses
to graze on it’s grass

it is in the now and the present
my actions today and this instant
my thoughts racing to enjoy
and to fulfil this, my constant
need for union with myself
to experience the lotus bloom
of the expanding horizon that
my mind’s eye is beholden to see

live once, live forever
live like this is my only day
my only chance to experice godhood
love once, love like i was born
just to love and to be loved
the essence is in me, and in you
and in everything i see
and sense around me

the essence is godness
you are god, i am god, we are god
this earth is god, the rain,
the clouds, the airplanes and the birds
the moon and the sun
and the dancing stars
we are one, each and evertyhing
all of us, it is one,
it is the only, it is the ultimate

how could one not love onesself?
spread the love