the calling of maui

A strange thing happened while on my whirwind trip to the east coast last week. Our plane got delayed at the San Francisco airport. The airport bar was as good a choice as any to spend the couple of hours that evening. One of the interesting characters I met there was a real estate developer from Maui. We talked a bit, exchanged contact information and so it went.
Later that evening, it so happened that the guy next to me on the plane was also from Maui. That’s a bit of lucky co-incidence and I told the guy so. He proceeded to impart on me his observation that this was probably the calling of maui. It’s beckoning to you, you should go, he said.
After mulling over it a bit I figured, why not? If it’s really a calling, then I’ll probably meet another person from Maui during my trip and if that’s the case, I’ll definitely go to Maui. After all I’ve never been there and it would make for a nice vacation at least. I told him so.
Well, I didn’t really come across another person from Maui, even though I did get to meet quite a few intriguing people which I’ll leave for another time. So much for the calling of Maui.

It did get me thinking about the concept of “calling”. Lots of people use that or another similar term to explain the decisions they took during their lifetimes. I hear things like, you do not choose a career, the career chooses you and so on.

I’d like to take that a bit further to say, it’s not just careers or vacation spots that do the calling. It’s also other types of decisions. The calling in most cases is not some vacation spot beckoning out to you through telepathic waves or something like that. I would put it more as a decision based on accumulation of tidbits you’ve had about that particular choice over the course of your life. As you progress through life, the more tidbits about a choice you gather, the higher up the stack it goes in your visible-choices stack. At some point that choice becomes the most visible and you make that choice and call it a “calling”.

Decisions like that are not flip/flop decisions as one would have you believe.

With that thought, I’d still like to go to Maui. It’s become more visible on my list of places to go, so maybe I’ll go there this winter. How’s that for “Maui’s Call”.


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