fear and loathing in san jose

fear and loathing in san jose
a namesake tribute to the movie

The stars don’t shimmer
the clouds are air
the land is dry
sucking up water
the cars pass by
no familiar faces
the promise to keep
this as a token
as a reminder in happier times
things aren’t all good
the hurried feeling
where am I going
what is bound to happen?

the hope of seeing
pretty faces, smiling faces
it’s all fear
like a cloak that descends
and does not let me breathe

some vestige of a nod
the glint of an eye
where is the town square
where are the people walking

content of a family raised
soothing green tea
pacifying, calming
making tame

where are children playing?
dads and sons
moms and daughters
alone in their drivers seats

what is intelligence
and approval and logic
and understanding

everyone’s home bored
listening to the piano
drugged out on tv
smash your radios now

sparkless lost people
with flies on their beards

hurrah for green shoes on black pants
the orange rays of the setting sun
have no counterpart here
this barren, silicon land

hurrah for colors
hurrah for orange shirts


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