six degrees of separation

The movie Six degrees of separation explores among aother things, the concept of, surprise, six degrees of separation. Incidentally, it is also Will Smith’s foray into movies.

The concept is surprisingly simple to explain. Basically, any one living person on earth can be linked to any other random person by successively linking six different people in between them. Sort of like the seven degrees to Kevin Bacon game. It doesn’t hit home until you think of the powerful side-effects that you can derive from it. A tribe elder in the amazon can be linked to an Inuit fisherman in Alaska for example. Or you can link yourself to Dalai Lama or the Pope. It’s mindboggling, eh! In reality, though, the trick is finding the right six people, I guess.

This reminds me of something that one of my friends told me out of hand. If you’ve slept with more than six people in your life, then you’ve slept with everyone else on earth. You’re a slut. Don’t get offended, it applies to me too. Ugly, but something to think about. And thank my friend for the anecdote. She’ll find it amusing 🙂


One thought on “six degrees of separation”

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