six degrees of separation

The movie Six degrees of separation explores among aother things, the concept of, surprise, six degrees of separation. Incidentally, it is also Will Smith’s foray into movies.

The concept is surprisingly simple to explain. Basically, any one living person on earth can be linked to any other random person by successively linking six different people in between them. Sort of like the seven degrees to Kevin Bacon game. It doesn’t hit home until you think of the powerful side-effects that you can derive from it. A tribe elder in the amazon can be linked to an Inuit fisherman in Alaska for example. Or you can link yourself to Dalai Lama or the Pope. It’s mindboggling, eh! In reality, though, the trick is finding the right six people, I guess.

This reminds me of something that one of my friends told me out of hand. If you’ve slept with more than six people in your life, then you’ve slept with everyone else on earth. You’re a slut. Don’t get offended, it applies to me too. Ugly, but something to think about. And thank my friend for the anecdote. She’ll find it amusing 🙂


hunting exotic animals, we have ranches for that and are proud of it


Just ran across Anuj’s post about hunting ranches in Texas. I mean, seriously, is that for real?

I thought the parody in The freshman was a product of someone’s brilliant imagination.

I must’ve been sleeping while the world went crazy on it’s head, or hmm.. Texas went crazy.

Talk about a change in values. Uggh..

root of all evil

Richard Dawkins created, what I believe to be, a brilliant documentary about religion and it’s effect on humanity. Channel 4 (is that based in the U.K. ?) aired the documentary and has several pages on it’s web site about the two part documentary. Some of the people you hear on the documentary make you cringe. I almost withdrew with disbelief, not because I heard about religious fundamentalism for the first time, but because of one more affirmation of something that I believe is already happening in the U.S. and elsewhere. It’s truly absurd that we keep pointing at the middle-east as a prime example of religious zealotry, completely ignoring our own backyards and what’s brewing there.

Each part is about 45 minutes, suitable for airing on the one-hour time slots on American TV. Surprising thing though, is that I haven’t heard of or read about it being aired anywhere on American TV. Maybe my googling for it is not enough research.

If you want to watch it, the two video files are available as bittorrent downloads. They’re avi files encoded in divx, so you’ll need a divx capable media player.
part 1 on mininova
part 2 on mininova

If you consider yourself a rational animal and like rational pursuits, then you’ll like this documentary.

Richard Dawkins is the same person that authored The Selfish Gene.

Thanks to Lispmeister for pointing the documentary out.

What I would like to see is Richard talk with folks from the Baha’i Blog. They seem religious and rational enough to warrant a debate.

PS: If you know me personally and/or would like a copy of the video, let me know, I’ll burn you a copy. I’m probably transgressing all known legal boundaries on video distribution. But hey, it’s a worthy cause. If you know I am doing so, let me know and I’ll cease and desist.


I have questions. I don’t have answers. I have suggestions for an answer, but, more likely, I have suggestions to a path that may lead to answers.

Most probably not.

I should explain this, some day, with my reasoning as to how I got to this conclusion. Suffice it to say that it involved an insane amount of discussion on some subject that I don’t even remember.

Someone who knows s/he knows everything may either know everything or nothing.