several takes on religion and science

On slate, John Horgan writes ..

Four years ago, I joined a Buddhist meditation class and began talking to (and reading books by) intellectuals sympathetic to Buddhism. Eventually, and regretfully, I concluded that Buddhism is not much more rational than the Catholicism I lapsed from in my youth; Buddhism’s moral and metaphysical worldview cannot easily be reconciled with science—or, more generally, with modern humanistic values

The article is a revelation. It touches on a subject that has been avoided in the west. Funny that I came across this a day after I listened to Sam Harris’s lecture. Serendipity I guess.
The lecture was aired on KQED as a Radio Special program on Dec 22, 2005 at 8 pm and organized by the Long Now Foundation. They don’t have a downloadable copy yet. It was an amazing lecture about faith and science and incompatibilites between them and the current state of the world in terms of religious fervor etc etc.. Mindblowing stuff. I probably couldn’t have come up with something like that in a hundred years.

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