a hurrah for evolution and science

A federal court has decided against Intelligent Design in the classroom.

It’s one matter to acknowledge the possibility of different origins and to scientifically study the subject. It’s another matter to completely forgo the scientific tradition of proofs, repoducibile experiments and rigorous dissection of proofs by peers. On top of that, they want to instill in young people’s mind a burgeoning distrust of the scientific tradition from early on.

I’m sure this matter is not yet closed. The creationists will keep on trying to take this country backwards, maybe they’ll even take it to the supreme court.

washington post reporting on how the judge’s arguments against ID in the Dover school board case may have repercussions beyond just the schoolboard in question.

Also, if you have any doubts and are an ID proponent, here’s a good place to start learning about the facts on evolution so you can better prepare to present more intelligent counter-arguments in your defense of ID. You might do well to read the above-mentioned article as well. If you do get your hands on a copy of the judge’s report, please send one my way. I’d cherish it.


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