state of the weather

This morning while watching the news half-heartedly during breakfast, I caught a snippet about the weather guys watching another caribbean tropical-storm. The 27th this year. That sounds like an awful lot of disastrous storms this year. Which got me thinking about past years and the number of storms each year that we’ve tracked it. I’m almost positive that the number of big storms forming each year has started going up in the years. Keep in mind that there are many variables here.. what we track each year and the criteria of eligibility for a storm to be tracked, the criteria for a storm to be deemed disastrous, the amount of damage done in terms of dollar value.. So, it could be that if we normalize all these over the years (kinda like normalizing for infation), we don’t really have a huge growth in the number of tropical storms.

So, I’ve decided to dig into it to create some sort of stats that I can put up as graphs to help me visualize (ughh)..

We’ll see where we get with this. Updates to come.


Got the data from . It’s amazing what you can find on the net these days.

Did a little data munging with grep and excel.. came out with these two charts.

total no. of storms


You can’t really see a trend (unless you really want to see one – there seems to be a slight upward trend but, not by much). So, maybe we’re just getting better at recording data over the years. Pfft, statistics.

Update 11/14/2005:

moving average plot with an interval of 10.

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