google video and nepal movement for democracy

I came across a google video of Paramendra Bhagat talking about his ideas on what is good and should be done in Nepal, politically, economically.
I have never heard of Parmendra before. Some of his ideas seem interesting enough to follow up on because they are tailored to Nepal’s economic and political situation, even thought the basis principle of the ideas were borrowed from things published/publicized elsewhere.
I googled him. Apparently he has a blog called the Democracy for Nepal blog. I’ll have to put it in my feed list.
What strikes me as revolutionary here, though, is the fact that I could get to the video footage about him talking on the internet. This was not possible before. It wasn’t even thinkable. Just imagine the reach of viral ideas. The promise of the internet has still not been fulfilled but the potential is there..
Here’s the video url.

Update: Some of Paramendra’s posts are downright egotistical and self-centered. But doesn’t everyone have their own pet peeves.


3 thoughts on “google video and nepal movement for democracy”

  1. Not a probelm. It was interesting to see the effects of mass distribution. It’s good that you’re taking it in good spirit. It’s a blog for public consumption after all, and you’re bound to get comments, both good and bad.

    Keep it up.

  2. duped by Bhagat

    Your are surprisingly right when you said he is self-centered and egoististical. All of the Parmendra’s blogs and videos are self-promoting and sometimes bias.

    He could have been a good leader but he has some major flaws which make him unworthy of not even a janitor.

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