As I jiggled the door handle, I caught a glimpse of Shobha stooping next to a table. The door was open. I caught her snorting as I stepped in.
Leave some for me, I shout. Ge your own shit, she mumbles. She walks away to the kitchen, picks up a broom and starts cleaning the floor. She’s pretending to clean.
There’s a little bit of the stuff left on the table. I stoop down and take it in one pull. I can smell bits of masala. The bitch.
What the fuck are you doing here anyway, she says.
The MainMan said I could drop by. Besides, I had a feeling you might be around.
The bitch is dressed like a puta today.
Hey you wanna.. I say as I walk towards the first bedroom.
She cuts me off. She’s already there.
I wanna what? where? she says.
She pulls off her sweats. Just a bra.
Then she smiles, this wicked smile.
You’re high I say. I turn around and head back outside.


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