persistent optimism

The persistent optimism of this young man from my old country never ceases to amaze me. He pings me on yahoo messenger every once in a while. I have never answered his probes. I simply get too many pings, mostly from spammers. He does not introduce himself, never has.

His profile has a picture and a few words describing himself as a business man of handicrafts. From his profile, I assume that he is looking for outlets to sell traditional nepali handicrafts.

My profile has a list of interests included on it and includes “Nepal” among other things. There is nothing in my profile that suggests that I have anything to do with Nepal other than have an interest in it. There are other countries in the list.
It makes me assume that this young man is trying to gauge interest for the wares that he sells. He’s using the internet as a tool to reach across vast distances for his marketing. In doing so, he has completely leap-frogged other older technologies such as print or radio media.

His drive has led him to keep pinging me once in a while, in case I turn out to be a good lead, even though I’ve shown no interest. These are all assumptions of course. I could be totally wrong. He could just be someone who happens to have been given my yahoo ID by someone we both know or some other silly co-incidence.

This series of thought reminds me of myself when I was younger and I felt I could rule the world, and nothing was going to sop me. Mere disinterest on my affairs from other people were simply nuisances, not show stoppers. Back then, I always had the hope that I would get my big break from some stranger who had similar interests as mine.

I wish I could help this young man out. Unfortunately, I do not have the time, and even more unfortunately, I do not share his avvid interest in traditional handicrafts.

His yahoo ID is hcrafts6. Maybe you will find someone after all. Good luck.


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