The celestine prophecy

The writer has interesting things to say. The only gripe I had about the book was
the fact that it assumed readership for people from a Christian background. Either the author was trying to reach that class of people or he simply didn’t know about other religions as well as he did about Christianity. Although, I am skeptical about the idea of things happening for a reason, I’m willing to look beyond my seemingly narrow, logical point of view. He says a lot of things in the book. Nine major paradigm shifts in human thinking in one book is a lot to talk about. Maybe I’ll read his second /third book in the series as well.



Too much coffee can make you ecstatic.. fidgety, anticipative, you name it. So can a lot of other things you can ingest. Imagine being all that without taking anything. That’s how I feel when the first thought I get waking up in the morning is going someplace new and meeting new people.