Simple pleasures

thump thump-a-thump, I hear
the heartbeat of the earth
magnified by the train passing through
as I lie on a log washed up by the tide.
A lone seagull chirps
as it follows the curve of the
little cove I have so surprisingly
but deliciously stumbled upon.

The primal and the ancient in me
savors the hauntingly familiar
music of the wavelets pounding
the shore, slowly, relentlessly
leaving behind millions of
tiny seashell that crackle under my
bare feet.

My eyes zoom in on a hovering butterfly
seeking nectar among a
thin line of reed standing in defiance
of the water in the middle of the cove.
I pick up a small pebble
to swing across the water.
It skips once and sinks.
I stoop down to pick up another
but then let go and sit down
next to the log to again feel the
thump-a-thump of another train
that’s passing through.
-by Lex Lapax (10/14/2003)


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