An observer at the beach

The dog barks and jumps into the incoming wave
steps back, surprised, and a little too wet

A child drags a log on a rope making marks
another follows, erasing, smiling and hiding

a big woman sits on the sidewalk, pointing at loud placards
scribble with messages that say jesus and jfk were both gay

adoloscent boys swoon and bicker, and point fingers
as two voluptuous women in wet t-shirts pass by and snicker

the lady reaches out for the straw hat, looks left
and right, and covering her eyes, goes back to sleep

a bare back with the bikini top detached, some oil
a pair of hands, making circles with it on the skin

two girls with striped shirts, pointing at the boy
with the red shorts on the tall chair, and giggling

a book falls down, a grey head turns around, glances
at a faraway figure, smiles, and puts on sunglasses

a man in funny colored shorts clutches a surboard
runs to the water, leaps in and leaves the shore

high up, a woman shouts out loud, with adrenaline
pulled by a speedboat, strapped to a parawing

sounds of nervousness and loud laughter emanate
from people on the big wheel and the coaster snake

looking out into the horizon, a man with dreads
picks up his smoke, inhales one last time, his eyes glaze

-by dédé(07/11/03)

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