Looking Inside

do you hear the scratching
of their tiny fingernails
at the bowels of your being?

do you see the blotchesleft
behind by the constant patter
of the feet running?

do you feel your gut wrench
when you look at yourself
in the mirrors at the temples?

do you recall yourself
dancing in the midst
of the field of daisies?

look inside and dream
and say that you know who you are

do you see the the earth
captured in the tears of the
tiger held at the zoo?

do you hear your own heart
beating with the same beat
as your thoughts streak across?

do you remember the sloshing
of waves on the rocks
with your feet dangling?

do you feel, do you know
did you ever think that it’s
not even you who’s doing all this?

look inside and play
and tell us all what you see
-by Lex Lapax (7/09/2003)


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