I abhor the word destiny..
If destiny is something that exists, then it means that a big portion of our lives
are already written out. The anthrocentric egotist in me tries hard to not believe it.



Everyone is born the same, but along the way, through growing up
while growing up, the thought pathways in the mind get twisted.
Twisted and branching out in different directions, some so called
morally correct some so called morally bad, and some, just the way it was
no opinions, no ambition. And thousands of shades in between.

Come Down

Watch the sun come up behind the mountain
listen to the seagulls bleep and sing
sit in my cafe and sip my coffee
watch morning people walk by in a hurry

Open up your jacket and lay down
Smell the green grass and gulp the air down

Walk by the market full of produce
Grab a cucumber, bite into a juicy fruit
See the weather, come down
I’ll make sure, I take you around.

-by Lex Lapax (7/22/2003)