Upside Down

piss on the backs of people
open with wounds from the thrashing
of whips and bayonet tips
and the hooves of horses

enough with the mugging by pencils
and the gagging of small kids
dragged to the moutains to hide
and to ask the mother for a thousand quids

see the old woman running
smoking the black exhaust
and begging for a filthy piece of bread
that another took away and mounted the bus

that guy with the dirty bowler
hat on the bench his cheeks
cracking with dried tears that broke
after his girl ran away with his best friend

the man staring with a bloodied eye at the people
that lay on the ground, unmoving
necks and legs twisted after
he mowed their car with his own

buildings are burning and people jumping
and the air smells of burning flesh
and the men hyptonized by the thought
that it is the second coming

it is the crow who tries to craw
but out comes nothing because it’s
beaks are glued together and it’s wings
tied by the gooeyness of spilt oil

the gunshot sounds and pigeons fly
as they see the red liquid spurt out
from a girls mouth as she falls to the ground
as the car speeds away with a boom boom sound

i mourn with the whales that beach
the craziness of this angry world
turned upside down because i only
see these images when i look around.
-by dédé(06/20/03)


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