Albatross Sky

Wring me dry, take away my energy
make me hollow, I want to sink
my arms open, to the ocean floor
empty my being and rise with the froth

I want to follow the octopus sting
float with the jellies across the reefs
glide by the forest and swim with the fish
swing with the monkeys and run with the donkeys
climb up the stairs, fly from the high
skid the frozen white, shiver with fright
dance with the belles and drink their wine
sail down the nile and talk with the tribes
go to the bowels to see the mines
fill myself up with the water of life

I want to see the albatross fly
the stars again light up my eyes

I want to go rice husking, drown in the mud
sipping the sake, sleep in the hut
become the dragon, jump with the deer
crawl the gobi, covered with dust
chew on peyote, alive with strength
smile at the penguins, ride with the whales
jog along red mountains, howl at the moon
wash my sins in the salty warm springs
feeling the lust of returning salmon
wrestle the bear and sing with the queens

I want to see the albatross sky
the stars again light up my eyes

I want to talk to horses dragging the forces
hear the mantis and listen to voices
shoot me to space to look at the globe
to touch the sun, to feel the close warmth
back in the desert, release the feathers
bang my head against the great grey lizards
wrap myself in the orchids of swamps
feeding the frenzy of bees on black roses
sweetness abounds, drown the tears
so I may see the albatross sky
smile at myself and laugh at the fears
so the stars may again light up my eyes.

-by Lex Lapax (5/31/2003)


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