Rio Dreams

the waves taunt me
open arms haunt me
motherless children!
suffocate me

breeding culture
shocking vulture
blood on the ground
make a sculpture

the mountains tease me
saying liberate me
soca players
estimate me

dumpsters abound
hamsters aground
smoky buses
running around

cameras click me
merchants stick me
yesterdays’s carnaval
always slick me

swinging arms
ringing charms
machetes chase the
midnight alms

mourn me
scorn me
look around
don’t ignore me

bustiers, luminaires
houses with belvederes
samba and drums
make me theirs

brothers, shun me
sisters, run me
tv radio
dissappoint me

yachts afloat
kill the goat
beer and whisky
heavy bloat

come and get me
anticipate me
my dreams and hopes
wash me and drown me

i dream of rio
my dream of rio
surround me
engulf me
take me and
regurgitate me

-by Lex Lapax (5/30/2003)

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