Your heart as mine

I want to share
I want to belong
I want to touch
and to feel
I want to talk
and to listen

Why do I feel the pain
of not belonging
to shed tears
of misunderstanding

Does it really matter
If I am different
or the same
as others among you

Is it not enough that
All I care for is
that genuine smile that
starts from your lips
and ends in your eyes

What if I were to
lose myself in you
and give my will away
Would it work then
to unlock the gates
that lie across your chest

Or would it work
If there were no bridges to build
or pathways to cross
but just the fleeting touch of our wings
as we fly across.

Or maybe just to listen
to the blood rushing through your heart
and feel that
you are me as I am you
cause I have been listening
to my heart all along.

-by Tram Zack


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