The door between four seasons

dedicated to attitude…

Listen to what I have to say
Heed the songs of change
Make me proud and go forth
and make the world revolve

Your laughter and your smiles
are worth everything in the world
They also bring out the anger, and the power
to stop everything that rolls

The rubber band that expands
shrinks back, and it stings
You mock me and you shock me
Is that what it means?

The raging storm settles down
There are dead cows all around
Did you see them flying by?
That’s the sign of things to come

It is me who will question you
and badger you and poison you
It is me who will make certain
from all this, you still come through

Crossing rivers with breathing shoes
Is that what they taught you?
Use your head and swim ahead
and throw the shoes at them instead

The blind love of moms and pops
Don’t they know it’s not you
Should they go out, stop the spread
Of the growing hate inside you?

Can you trust me and embrace me
Stand by me when the floors crumble
Do I know that when I tell you
I am dying, you won’t stumble?

Will you lead, will you follow?
will you have the heart to see
The love that you receive from them
is quite enticing, but so hollow

Will you make the winds sow the seeds
of history and of deed
Will the proud eagle see you
and realize that it is beat

Know the trust of the weak and the swayed
Tunnelled with doubt and dread
Of clawing on the buried walls
And peeping through the dead

Sit next to those who give
and the ones who take
and the ones who do it both
and those that forget by mistake

Don’t sing this song in grief and sorrow
Strum it, sing it in the summer
Dance it in the fall and winter
Laugh it during spring, and know

I am the mountain that moves men
And the moon, the women
I am the one who passes through
the door between four seasons
-by dédé(05/27/03)


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