Albatross Sky

Wring me dry, take away my energy
make me hollow, I want to sink
my arms open, to the ocean floor
empty my being and rise with the froth

I want to follow the octopus sting
float with the jellies across the reefs
glide by the forest and swim with the fish
swing with the monkeys and run with the donkeys
climb up the stairs, fly from the high
skid the frozen white, shiver with fright
dance with the belles and drink their wine
sail down the nile and talk with the tribes
go to the bowels to see the mines
fill myself up with the water of life

I want to see the albatross fly
the stars again light up my eyes

I want to go rice husking, drown in the mud
sipping the sake, sleep in the hut
become the dragon, jump with the deer
crawl the gobi, covered with dust
chew on peyote, alive with strength
smile at the penguins, ride with the whales
jog along red mountains, howl at the moon
wash my sins in the salty warm springs
feeling the lust of returning salmon
wrestle the bear and sing with the queens

I want to see the albatross sky
the stars again light up my eyes

I want to talk to horses dragging the forces
hear the mantis and listen to voices
shoot me to space to look at the globe
to touch the sun, to feel the close warmth
back in the desert, release the feathers
bang my head against the great grey lizards
wrap myself in the orchids of swamps
feeding the frenzy of bees on black roses
sweetness abounds, drown the tears
so I may see the albatross sky
smile at myself and laugh at the fears
so the stars may again light up my eyes.

-by Lex Lapax (5/31/2003)



people scream and shout
and claw at each other’s throats to
race after their dreams forgetting
they’re leaving roadkill behind

others stand in line to
stop the massacre of minds
and get trampled themselves
leaving blood in it’s wake

the cycle goes on
people are born , and
they die, live it
love it, hate it
don’t fight it
it’s unsurmountable

-by dédé(05/31/03)

Rio Dreams

the waves taunt me
open arms haunt me
motherless children!
suffocate me

breeding culture
shocking vulture
blood on the ground
make a sculpture

the mountains tease me
saying liberate me
soca players
estimate me

dumpsters abound
hamsters aground
smoky buses
running around

cameras click me
merchants stick me
yesterdays’s carnaval
always slick me

swinging arms
ringing charms
machetes chase the
midnight alms

mourn me
scorn me
look around
don’t ignore me

bustiers, luminaires
houses with belvederes
samba and drums
make me theirs

brothers, shun me
sisters, run me
tv radio
dissappoint me

yachts afloat
kill the goat
beer and whisky
heavy bloat

come and get me
anticipate me
my dreams and hopes
wash me and drown me

i dream of rio
my dream of rio
surround me
engulf me
take me and
regurgitate me

-by Lex Lapax (5/30/2003)

The practice of loneliness

As I wait on the uncomfortable seat
She says sir, how may I help you
I stare upon her face as if to
figure out from her if she really can

A bloody mary, I say, snapping out of it
It certainly filled me up
and kept my spirits high
but the best of it all was the brilliant
smile that came with the bloody drink

I do not want to call anyone
or talk to the lovely lady by my side
All I want is to watch the faces
around me in silence.

A smile there, some anxiety here
A red dress, a black jacket
A guy with side burns longer than his nose
Silver hair, blue shoes

I feel like the watcher that I was always afraid of
Keeping tabs, taking notes
invisible, but always there
Watching and smiling
Watching and solemn

It feels like I’m all alone
there yet not there,
trapped in a shell of my own making
thinking about people
and places, and things that connect them

Yet, I’m outside, while still inside
A paradox I cannot ignore
I am getting tired of this
this self-induced, despicable
practice of loneliness.

-by dédé(05/27/03)

The door between four seasons

dedicated to attitude…

Listen to what I have to say
Heed the songs of change
Make me proud and go forth
and make the world revolve

Your laughter and your smiles
are worth everything in the world
They also bring out the anger, and the power
to stop everything that rolls

The rubber band that expands
shrinks back, and it stings
You mock me and you shock me
Is that what it means?

The raging storm settles down
There are dead cows all around
Did you see them flying by?
That’s the sign of things to come

It is me who will question you
and badger you and poison you
It is me who will make certain
from all this, you still come through

Crossing rivers with breathing shoes
Is that what they taught you?
Use your head and swim ahead
and throw the shoes at them instead

The blind love of moms and pops
Don’t they know it’s not you
Should they go out, stop the spread
Of the growing hate inside you?

Can you trust me and embrace me
Stand by me when the floors crumble
Do I know that when I tell you
I am dying, you won’t stumble?

Will you lead, will you follow?
will you have the heart to see
The love that you receive from them
is quite enticing, but so hollow

Will you make the winds sow the seeds
of history and of deed
Will the proud eagle see you
and realize that it is beat

Know the trust of the weak and the swayed
Tunnelled with doubt and dread
Of clawing on the buried walls
And peeping through the dead

Sit next to those who give
and the ones who take
and the ones who do it both
and those that forget by mistake

Don’t sing this song in grief and sorrow
Strum it, sing it in the summer
Dance it in the fall and winter
Laugh it during spring, and know

I am the mountain that moves men
And the moon, the women
I am the one who passes through
the door between four seasons
-by dédé(05/27/03)

Your heart as mine

I want to share
I want to belong
I want to touch
and to feel
I want to talk
and to listen

Why do I feel the pain
of not belonging
to shed tears
of misunderstanding

Does it really matter
If I am different
or the same
as others among you

Is it not enough that
All I care for is
that genuine smile that
starts from your lips
and ends in your eyes

What if I were to
lose myself in you
and give my will away
Would it work then
to unlock the gates
that lie across your chest

Or would it work
If there were no bridges to build
or pathways to cross
but just the fleeting touch of our wings
as we fly across.

Or maybe just to listen
to the blood rushing through your heart
and feel that
you are me as I am you
cause I have been listening
to my heart all along.

-by Tram Zack