on change

Change is inevitable, even necessary. I don’t remember where I read this first. It is, I’m going to dare it and use a superlative here, absolutely true and applies to almost every aspect of our lives. We come from chaos and go back to chaos. We just hope to understand the in-between by trying to bring about order to our lives.

We haven’t evolved socially and emotionally to a point where we can handle the inevitable chaos in the everyday universe just by itself. We take aid in the form of social laws and unwritten rules passed on from generation to generation so we can withstand the chaos and build a wall of perfectly ordered routines and pathways around our own lives.

No wonder Buddha attained Nirvana by learning to let go. It’s hard to let go – of love, of pleasure, of sex, of devotion, of social heirarchies, of friends, of family, of ties, of hunger and everything else we do routinely.

I will try and attain that nirvana, through constant change and through the ability to accept it.

It has been going on for so long, I’m afraid it’s been engrammed genetically into our core being itself.


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