waiting in general

I hate waiting. It seems to do strange things to my mind. I start conjuring up ima
ges of slowly torturing the person who is making me wait. Problem is, it’s not alw
ays a person.

It makes me impatient. I start pacing around like a caged mountain lion, snarling
at every remark passing my way. Ugly, isn’t it?
My heart starts racing. Who needs skydiving for adrenaline. Just make someone make
you wait. I grab a bottle of coke, beer, water, anything, take a sip and put it d

Sweat starts forming on my brows. No humidity. Still I’m sweating like a pig. Disg
usting. Ridiculous.

I’m burning a song CD. Waiting for it to finish. Can’t wait to plop it into my kil
owatt output player and bust the jam. But the damn thing is taking so long, it alm
ost makes it worthless..


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