write, man, write

The more you write, the better you get. The better you express yourself, your ideas. The more exercise your brain gets. The smarter (?) you get.

So, write, man write.
and readdddddddd!


on artificial life

There seems to be a lot of work already done in the field of artificial life. Artificial life systems vary from simple computer based simulations that look and feel like games to multi-computer networked systems with complex biologies and esosystem rules. Most of the a-life systems start out with
# a set of rules to limit and describe the a-life universe
# a set of genetic building blocks (genblocks) that different a-life organisms can be built from
# one or more ecosystems and/or environments for the organisms to live in.

The ecosystems, genblocks, organisms all follow the rules described and set in creting the universe.

All of the above comprise of algorithms, contstants, changeable variables and executable code residing in a computer sandbox. This sandbox or virtual machine is the a-life unvierse. Any computer language and system lending itself to the above can be used to create an a-life system.

What I propose is a sandbox system that is extensible during run time.. programmable during run time.. like something written in a common lisp system or java system with dynamic loading and unloading of objects (maybe? dunno much about the dynamism of java).

A set of rules that define the rules of the universe. The rules should be exchangeable between machines. Since the rules are static during run-time unless changed manually and explicitly.. xml is a viable candidated. This allows different systems running the same rule protocol and standards to communicate with each other.. One system could be running one type of ecosystem… earth like — carbon based … another system could be running another ecosystem or a bunch of the.. creatures in one system could travel from one system to another with appropriate translators like bio-sustenance systems, language systems etc…
This type of system lends itself to a distributed network of ecologies and even universes.. provided that all of them stick to standards of information interchange..

Already, several different standards come to mind..
a markup language to describe the laws of the a-life universe…behaviours and make up of a-life matter.
a markup language to describe the ecosystem
a markup language to describe the genetics of the ecosystem
a markup language to describe the behaviour and patterns of organisms

These could be one markup language for everything, and maybe standards for the languages, namespaces, versions etc…
I think so..