The Flow

The Flow

The shadows in my mind
keep playing tricks
the sounds, the voices
oh the merry voices

The vrooming of a motorcyle
the drunken laughter of fools
I wish I were
I wished I was

Flow like the wind
Flow through the clouds

Drowning in the joy
of a virgin waterfall
seeing the peaks
covered with teary ice
do I have to
do I really have to?

The drive of contact
for a bleary eye, for a weary hand
the mood carries on
forever, forever

Flow like the river
Flow through the rocks

Waiting for the spark
squinting, hiding
searching through the maze
the eyebrows together

I taste the chocolate
the merlot, the martini
smelling like a million bursts
of byzantine desires

Rockets, fireworks
oh pretty sparklers
the girl crying out
mommy, is it time?

The hole and the closure
are they really there?
I feel the texture
Do I disappear?

Flow like the dust
I do
Flow through stars
I do

-by Tram Zack (6/17/2001)

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