The pleasing mentality

There’s one kind of dominant mentality that strikes me as standing out, of several other ones. The pleasing kind.

These mentalities tend to “bend over” doing things that please other people in their immediate vicinity or otherwise (only sometimes). They do not seem to get any other benefit out of it other than the satisfaction of knowing that they ARE doing something to please somebody other than their own self. Sometimes, they get a kick out of finding out that their act actually pleases their benefactors, but that’s just an added aphrodisiac.

This is just a mentality, a state of mind, that’s mostly transient. I have observed others in this state, even observed myself a couple of times, unattached, unamused. The state of mind, when let, becomes an overpowering personality trait that overrules other desires, emotional or intellectual.

The funny thing is, this mentality starts out as being intellectually driven and slowly gathers emotional “muster”. The point between letting go, depends mostly on the emotional stability of the person. More on “stability of emotion” later. *#*

After hitting the intellectual tableu, they become subservient almost to the point of being slaves. Not to the ones that they try to please, but to this track of thought, all there own, hereto described as “The Pleasing Mentality”.

This style of writing is a revelation to me. It looks like I’ve been trying to explore the human way of thinking unknowingly. I’ll explore this more later and probably call it “The human mind” tract. *#*


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