On thought

I tend to think a lot. Probably everybody does. Sometimes flashes of genius come to mind.. but are lost. That’s because I don’t write them down. I should write them down. Maybe, later in my life, I will actually be able to understand those flashes. I have a theory.

I believe, that every human being on this earth who can think independently are prone to these sorts of flashes. Call it random synapses firing in the brain and coming up with a pattern that the brain recognizes, and we register it as a flash. Or call it a message from God. For that matter, any intelligent being capable of independent thought probably has these flashes. That would include any extra terrestrial intelligence we may/may not find, dolphins and whales if we find a way to communicate with them, and even monkeys, the way we’re going on about genetic experimentation and augmentation. This brings up theological questions about messages from God to monkeys. So, I prefer to give evolution credit for this. Anyway, on these pages I’ve started jotting down some of my thoughts/flashes as they come to mind on various topics.
I will add to this list as time goes on.


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