I swim across the river of memory
I drift apart from its shore
The water takes my weak being
To the place I once was before.
The waves try to take advantage of me
But I fight it like I have never fought before
The fishes of the river smile to me and say,
Go yonder to your sweetest day.
I thrust and struggle through the obstruction
To get to my spot of destination
Which is like a flame of a candle blowing
That brightens the space around
And leaves a black residue not showing.
I get there with all my might
And find out that the struggle was worth the fight.
Sweet air so calm greet and welcome me
Bells toll to nourish the moment of joy.
I breathe, I chuckle, I run, I tumble so free
I shed a drop of tear or two and even three
And ask god why he took away those days from me.


-by Mona Puri (2/2/2000)


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