think crossing zebra train tracks
in the sand dissappearing footprints
water is like dante’s hell
if it glitters then
what is not going
again and again to the tree card house
think of dancing on the bitter ground
does father care what is done

think that you realize life bad may be
is not sports and winning don’t go
in the bathroom you said to her
let’s dive together
in the stars glowing
in the sky is red like blood
in the battle horses hoofing
thunder clapping beyond the ghost
lies in the shadow beckons
bad hair day reckons

think if i was not a brother
pygmie with painted faces
clear gel transparent breasts
croc has a leg
in its mouth foaming
silver fishes swarming
in sister’s cereal bowl
comes with a lifeguard

think falling from the ceiling
skydiving to the zigzag floor
distances getting shorter
than the blink of your eyes
catching a ray of darkness
into the heart
your desire comes serpentine
thoughts running up your spine
chilling like ice cream
in your frozen shrine

think hungry faces and usurping races
three legged rats smoking pulpy cigarettes
einstein’s passport says god’s places
trees burning, shadow forming
gory details in your lizards head
are grey like charcoal turning
around staples in your earlobe
punches faces pockmarks
in your buttered bread
lotus petals ahead


think pirates walking
on the waves still like glassy
carpet stains an inkling of joker pains
and paints you away
in the swirling dust
i feel sad about scenty musk
mocking critters frittering cycle rallies
clean and clean hotels of the sun
wrinkled forehead thyroid glands
making children playing
darth vader’s perestroika
like plump sausages and grind

think grokking talking fokking plumbing
yogi budha jesus christ
trident devils in your mind


-by lapax, the group


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